Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Retaking the Hobby- The Start of a New Project.

So recently I was given a new necron army by a friend of mine who didn't want to play them anymore. So i thought it would be a good time to start a blog and show my progress as well as to serve as a motivation for me to actually get a fully painted, converted, and based army. Here is a quick look at what is in the army, minus 15 immortals, 3 ghost arks, and 2 command barges.

So what makes this blog special? Well first off, i believe in "retaking the hobby" Its our hobby and honestly it should be fun, not the grinding hate ball of bad manners it is least in my experience. As well as a learning and exchanging of knowledge among the community. So this blog is what i know how to do, and i hope that people will comment and add their own take on everything and maybe even make their own blog to post their ideas and knowledge. To that extent i hope that if you have a blog and wan't to get traffic on your site, post a link in the comments and lets strengthen the community!


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  1. Hi! Looking forward to reading your blog, I'm new to the Warhammer universe. I've got Skaven and Space Wolves I'm learning to paint and hopefully will learn to eventually play them! I've also started a blog, which is also still pretty new.