Thursday, January 19, 2012

Step One: The Build

So my first step on my necron army is dealing with the green rods. I personally, hate them. So i found a way to make the guns less annoying. The below picture is what the warrior looks like out of the box with out the green rod. The first step is to cut the part of the gun the green rod rests on off completely, be sure to keep the part the hand holds onto and just a bit in front of that.
Next take the muzzle of the gun, and trim off the bottom part, from the prongs that hold the muzzle onto the gun to the bottom peg.
A picture of the finished muzzle.
Now glue the muzzle to the spot the green rod starts at on the gun, making a "sawed off gauss rifle"
A group of warriors with the "Sawed off gauss rifles"

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