Monday, January 23, 2012

So now that my warriors are built, and based (basing pictures will come up later.) its time to pick a paint scheme. Which do you like better? Green or blue?


  1. The green with glowy red eyes looks pretty cool. I haven't seen many necrons in that color scheme as much as I've seen the metallic/blue-ish colors with green glowy bits. The glowing red gives it a bit more of a sinister look.
    The pictures are a bit dark to easily see the details and colors, but the white backdrop helps. Did you make your own lightbox?

    1. Aye i did, just took an old box and cut out all the sides. Then taped paper to the outside. It works decently well...and although this picture is dark, its because I recently moved and don't have my lights all set up correctly. Thanks very much for the comment!